Timesheet Customizations

If you have administrator privileges, you can customize policies related to logging time for your organization from Top MenuAdminTimesheetTimesheet Options. Some of the non trivial options are covered below.

Limit time to Allocated hours

This policy allows enforces that uses cannot log more hours than they are allocated on a task.

For example, if user Joe is assigned 5 hours to a task then he can fill a total of 5 hours against that task. Let us assume he has already submitted 2 hours for this task in the previous week in addition to the 2 hours that were already approved. If he tries to log time of 1 hour each on Monday and Tuesday against for this task, the total hours will be 6 (2 approved, 2 already submitted, 2 hours being submitted now) and hence will not be allowed to submit the timesheet.

  • This policy is checked only when submitting time for approval or editing time submitted for approval.
  • While approving or after approval, it can be changed by whoever has privilege to approve the time
  • Same logic is used when importing time via CSV and API.
Locking Timesheets

This policy prevents logging time for a month after a cut-off date.

For example, some companies follow a monthly invoicing of customers, and they don’t want users to accidentally submit time for the previous month. To avoid these errors you can enter a cut-off date of the month after which no more time can be logged for the previous month. Continuing with the example, say you invoice your customers on the 10th of each month. You can specify a cut-off date like 5th of every month. This allows users to complete their timesheets for the previous month by the 5th of the month. After that they cannot fill time for the previous month. Approvers get till the 9th to finish approving the time logs before they are invoiced on the 10th.

  • If today is 3rd of May, and you have set the cut-off to 5, you can fill time for the month of April (previous month) but not for March or February. Those are already locked as the date for them has already passed.
  • The lock date is checked only when a user is submitting time for approval, or editing time that is already submitted for approval.
  • While approving OR after approval, it can be changed by whoever has the privilege to approve the time.
  • Same logic mentioned above is used when importing time via CSV and API.