Importing Time from CSV

Celoxis provides you with the ability to import time entries from CSV. If you have a Microsoft Excel file, then you can export it in CSV (comma separated values) format and then import it in Celoxis.

To import time entries, navigate to Top MenuAdminTimesheetImport Time (CSV).

For reference, you can download a sample CSV file by clicking on Download a sample CSV file.
After uploading the CSV file you need to map each column in CSV file to the corresponding field in Celoxis. By default, Celoxis automatically maps the fields for you but you can also select a different column from the dropdown list. You can even use the - Skip - option for a field that you want to be automatically mapped by Celoxis.

Fields supported:

  • Task/App
  • User - mandatory
  • Hours - mandatory
  • Comments
  • Date - YYYY-MM-DD format, mandatory
  • State - mandatory
  • Time Code - mandatory
  • Billable
  • Costable
  • Approver
  • Invoiced By
  • Custom Fields - you will have to create the fields in Celoxis first
  • ID - mandatory, only when you are updating time entries using a CSV file

Updating Time Entries

Celoxis also provides the ability to update the existing time entries by importing a CSV file. To update time entries you must include the ID of the time entries in the CSV file.
To find the ID of the time entries, add ID column in the Time Log report(Main MenuTime Log).