Virtual Users

Virtual users are like regular users except they don't have logins and hence cannot login to Celoxis. Virtual users are free but limited. Some use-cases are non-human resources like machinery, conference rooms and computers. Virtual users can also be used in instances where you want to assign tasks to that person but do not want to give access to the system. E.g. consultants.

Using Virtual Users

Virtual users:

  • can be assigned to tasks
  • receive related email notifications - task, discussions, etc if their account has an email address is specified.
  • can themselves update progress and log time on their tasks via email. Read more.
  • can participate in discussions via email
  • can add comments to app items via email
Time can be logged on behalf of virtual users by users having relevant privileges. Read more.

Creating Virtual Users

A virtual user is created in the same way as a regular user except that the Virtual User option is turned on.

Virtual Users Limit

The maximum number of virtual users you can create dependeds on the number of licenses users you have. It is determined by the following formula:
Virtual Users = 10 + 5 × Licensed Users
So if you have a 12 user license, you can create a maximum of 10 + 5 × 12 = 70 virtual users.