Zoho is a unique and powerful suite of software that needs no introduction. Zoho offers a host of features which serves to the needs of small as well as large enterprises. Having said that, finding the right software for project management has always been a challenge to buyers.

Many times people look for different things like insightful reports, actionable dashboards, tons of customizations in one cost-effective solution. If you think Zoho isn’t meeting your expectations then we have gathered and compiled 10 of the best Zoho alternatives out there that you can consider.

List of Zoho Project Alternatives

1. Celoxis


Celoxis is an award-winning all-in-one project management software tool. It comes packed with good-to-great features not just for small and mid-sized businesses, but also for large enterprises. It’s comprehensive features address the real-world complexities of managing projects across organizations and functions, it excels at planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting with great agility and user-friendliness.

Celoxis has the best team adoption in the marketplace and has been the platform of choice for brands like Rolex, HBO, Tesla, KPMG & University of Washington have been using celoxis successfully for years.

Special features:
  • Build project plans that adapt to real-world conditions
  • Easily reallocate resources to maintain optimal workloads
  • Track budgets, costs and profits in real-time
  • Share files, exchange comments and discuss online with your team and your clients
  • Plan projects, manage resources efficiently with Gantt charts
  • The interface is available in more than half a dozen languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic

Pricing: Celoxis has unique pricing that is customised to different needs

2. Proofhub


ProofHub is a project management and collaboration tool making it one of the best alternatives to Zoho. Not just limited to project management teams related to development, marketing, and other professions are also using it to strengthen their business.

Companies like Taco Bell, Nike, tripadvisor use this tool to plan and execute their work.

Special features:
  • Brings clarity in the feedback-sharing process with online proofing
  • Get clear project insights with dynamic reports
  • Workflows and Kanban boards simplify task and project management

Pricing: Proofhub costs $89/month

3. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking solution that provides detailed analytics of where your employees spend time during the work day. See websites and applications visited by your employees when working and screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes while they work.

Companies like SurveyMonkey, Duke University, Ericsson, boost media use this tool to plan and execute their work

Special features:
  • App accurately monitors the time spent on work helps drive efficiency and productivity
  • Task manager is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Signup, installation, and setting up multiple users take less than five minutes
  • It helps users to be more productive through reminders. An interrupting popup will show if users are spending too much time on non-work related apps or websites

Pricing: Time Doctor costs $9.99/user/month

4. nTask


nTask is a project management software that has recently entered into the sea of project management tools available online. Coming with strong features of task management, nTask is the contender for Zoho Project alternative and makes it to our list. It’s a tool that caters a broad range of professionals with diverse project needs.

Companies like C.A. Metro de Caracas, INDER use this tool to plan and execute their work

Special features:
  • Capture and share new insights with powerful visualization and formatting tools
  • Collaborate in context and keep your team on the same page
  • Backup is done automatically and it doesn’t even eat server space

Pricing: nTask costs $2.99, Unlimited everything.

5. ClickUp


ClickUp is a platform that’s focused on efficient task management. Built for teams of all sizes and industries, ClickUp’s fully customizable features make it a must-have for agile teams that want to keep everything from design to development in one intuitive place.

Companies like Soundstripe, Mindshare, 5 Star Commerce use this tool to plan and execute their work.

Special features:
  • Customize workflow with stages to keep people on the same page
  • Control what others can see and what they can do
  • Create spaces to organize work with customized features, workflows, tags

Pricing: ClickUp costs $4.99/user/month

6. Scoro


Scoro is a great Zoho alternative as it provides a comprehensive list of features one needs to run a business efficiently. From projects to team collaboration, invoicing to reporting, time tracking to budgeting, it’s a single place for everything you need to know.

Companies like Newton, WSI, Tele2, Sotheby’s use this tool to plan and execute their work.

Special features:
  • Create a company-wide contact base, and manage them in a pipeline view for effective communication and billing
  • Compile and send quotes and invoices – and automate overdue reminders
  • See everyone’s schedule in a shared team calendar and know what they’re working on.

Pricing: Scoro costs $26/user/month

7. Trello


Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into cards and boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on it, and where something is in process.

Companies like Kickstarter, National Geographic, UNICEF use this tool to plan and execute their work

Special features:
  • Trello stays in sync across all of your devices
  • Follows visual approach to represent projects
  • Add comments, attachments, and more directly to Trello cards

Pricing: Trello costs $9.99 user/month

8. Bitrix 24


Bitrix 24 is a free cloud and open source collaboration platform providing CRM, document management, tasking, time management and project management tools.

Companies like Forbes, TechHive, TechRepublic use this tool to plan and execute their work

Special features:
  • Employee workload management and customer relationship management
  • It provides real-time updates, smart following, notification settings, and company-wide announcements
  • It also offers a self-hosted option

Pricing: Bitrix24 costs from $55.20/month to $159.20/month

9. LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner makes it in the list due to its priority-based scheduling. In this project management software, projects are considered as living constructs that evolve with time. When things change, smart project schedules automatically predict reliable finish dates.

Companies like G5, iForce, JBT, TMobile use this tool to plan and execute their work.

Special features:
  • Dynamic project analytics and reporting and time tracking
  • Instantly see the impact of resource availability and shifting priorities to your bottom line
  • Built-in collaboration along with Drag-and-Drop prioritization

Pricing: LiquidPlanner costs from $45/month/user to $69/month/user

10. Clarizen


Clarizen lets you manage work, automate processes and collaborate across the enterprise all from a single, intuitive solution. Built with the sole purpose of helping your business move forward

Companies like Dell, Box, Netapp, Marketo use this tool to plan and execute their work

Special features:
  • Clarizen offers configurable workflows – customize clarizen to fit how your enterprise does business, not the opposite
  • Create automated and repeatable processes, alerts and workflows
  • Share immediate project data, tracking progress

Pricing: Clarizen costs from $60/month/user


Choosing the right Zoho alternative isn’t easy, but you’ve come to the right place for help. We hope that you find above list of Zoho alternatives helpful . If you think we’ve missed out an important Zoho alternative, leave your comments below to let us know about it.

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