Version 13.5

SaaS: Jun 13, 2020     On-Premise: July 23, 2020

This release brings you the most requested features. They add tremendous value to an already strong offering. We hope you enjoy this release

Minor Enhacements (14 May 2021)

  • Ability to add expenses with negative values.
  • Minor Enhacements (21 Mar 2021)

    • Ability to filter out data for job roles in time-phased reports.
    • Ability to download time-phased reports as CSV via API.
    • Added themes - Vivid and Elegant.
    • Increased limit of related items from 3 to 5.
    • An email is sent when all predecessors of a task are completed.

    Minor Enhacements (16 Jan 2021)

    • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
    • API Improvements for "Related" items.

    Minor Enhacements (21 Dec 2020)

    • Searching users can now be done by typing 2 characters instead of 3.
    • Work calendar can be assigned to a job role.
    • Requesting a progress update is now logged in activity stream and part of task comments.
    • Ability to add a task from the card view.

    Minor Enhacements (3 Nov 2020)

    • Ability to update % complete method and schedule type in bulk.
    • Ability to delete users and clients in bulk from the recycle bin.

    Related Items, etc. (20 Oct 2020)

    • You can now add related items to tasks, issues, risks, bugs, etc. This makes it very convenient to identify and navigate to related items. For more information read this.
    • Show deadline indicators in project gantt reports.

    Minor Enhacements (5 Sep 2020)

    • Added a new column: Week (Date) in reports.
    • Hide custom fields attached to projects and tasks for clients.

    Minor Enhacements (22 Aug 2020)

    • Allow clients to drag-n-drop in card view. You have to edit the report and give client the privilege to enable this feature.
    • Added workspace filter for dashboard which is applied to all report widgets on that dashboard.

    Minor Enhacements (20 Jul 2020)

    • Added the "Job Role filter in timesheets to filter tasks based on a job role.

    Minor Enhacements (4 Jul 2020)

    • Ability to set notification preferences of multiple users in the bulk edit screen. Now with the new option of "Notifications preferences like...", you can quickly set the notification preferences of many users similar to the selected user.
    • Ability to negative value as the fixed price for a task. This enables giving discounts.

    Minor Enhacements (30 Jun 2020)

    • "Prospective Revenue" can now be viewed in time-phased reports. This field shows the revenue potential based on resources planned across projects/
    • Ability to approve time logs for users who have no managers.

    Charts Enhancements

    • Cumulative and burndown option for lines. This means you can now create your own S-curves and Burndown charts.
    • Automatic totals on bar and line charts. This means you get more information.
    • Limit lines on bar and line charts.
    • Y-axis can now be numeric for scatter charts
    • Project Manager and Project groupable custom fields are available on X-axis for charts
    • Ability to create time-phased metric widgets and place them on dashboards
    • Added cost-category and unbilled revenue columns to time-phased reports
    • Intelligent rendering of axes labels to improve readability
    • Improved rendering of bubble charts
    • Better space utilization - legends are placed at better locations and you have the option to hide axes titles

    Custom field of type user

    • You can create custom fields of type user. They can be single or multi values. You can choose whether you want licensed, virtual or all users.

    Multiple baselines

    • You can now create up to 6 baselines for a project. You can also select a default baseline for a project.
    • To baseline, users will now require the Baseline privilege instead of the Project Edit privilege.

    Timesheet enhancements

    • You can now lock timesheets so that users cannot log time time for a month after a cut-off date.
    • You can limit time on a task to its allocated hours.
    For more information read this.

    Bulk delete of users, clients and contacts

    • From the User/Client/Contact views you can pick multiple and delete. For users/clients you will be prompted for a replacement and then all the users you delete will be replaced by the one you picked.

    API Update: events

    • You can fetch events using the api/v2/events end point.

    Update records via CSV Import

    • You can now update users, clients and time logs via CSV import. If your CSV rows contain an ID field and if you map it to the Celoxis ID field, the corresponding record in Celoxis will be updated based on the values in the CSV row.

    Deprecations in Formula custom fields

    We noticed that some formulae use undocumented fields like tasks and children. This results in extra queries and has a material performance impact on the system. Hence their use will be disallowed from 1st October 2020.

    v13.0 (Feb 29, 2020 - SaaS only)

    • Dashboard Printing: you can print your dashboards to PDF.
    • Scheduled Dashboard Reports: you can schedule dashboards.
    • Split Tasks: Rescheduling ongoing tasks consumed a lot of clicks. With this functionality you can split a task in seconds. While this is not the "Microsoft Project way" of splitting a task; we think it is much more useful. You can read more about this here.
    • Project Recycle Bin: When a project is deleted, it is moved to the recycle bin. You have 30 days to restore it after which it will be permanently deleted.
    • Reporting manager can now add work exceptions for his/her reportees.
    • Single row per final group: This option has been added to tabular reports where only one row per final group needs to be seen. For example, to view only the latest update for the project. The display is optimized for this scenario.
    • Delete User & Client The deactivate/reactivate users and client functionality has been removed. Instead, when users or clients aree deleted, they are moved to the People Recycle Bin. From this bin, you can either permanently delete them, or, restore them if you change your mind. Deleting users and clients does not delete non-private data.
    • Scheduled Reports Limit: has been increased to 10.
    • Group and Grand Totals are now shown taking into account the entire list in the tabular report rather than what's shown on a page.