July 6th, 2019

Version 12.0

This release brings in significant changes to the overall UI of Celoxis. Practically every screen has been designed from scratch. We have reconsidered everything – from the layout and navigation, to the way data is displayed. The result has been a modern, efficient and most importantly a light-weight experience that will save you time.

  • Main Menu – The main menu (or toolbar) has been moved to the left. The menu can also be collapsed if more horizontal space is required.
  • Add Menu – The add button is available on the top right hand side and opens up a convenient menu to add an object like project, task, etc.
  • Dashboard –
    • A button has been added to the page title that makes it easy to add a report to the dashboard.
    • Promptable filters are now hidden so that maximum space is available for you to view your data. The filters can be changed by clicking on the icon.
    • As opposed to the prominent scroll bars in the previous version on widgets, scroll bars will appear only on mouse-over of a widget. This enhances the aesthetics of the dashboard.

    • Metric reports have been enhanced by adding color-coded dynamic icons indicating the status (Goal or Threshold) of your metric.
  • Drill-down view of charts has been improved by giving the drill-down area more space.
  • The overview tab of the Project has been completely reworked to bring out important data regarding the project.
  • The overview tab of the Task has been completely reworked to bring out important data regarding the task.
  • The overview tab of the App has been completely reworked to bring out important data regarding the app. The workflow has also been brought out so you have a clearer picture of the app item's progress.
  • A brand new HTML editor has been incorporated. You can also resize the HTML editor for more space. The HTML editor is activated on a double click inside the text area.
  • The reports page has been completely redesigned making it easy for you to find your reports.
  • Access to Calendar has been moved under the user icon on top-right.
  • Calendar's aspect ratio is automatically adjusted to fit the screen and avoid scrollbars.
  • Virtual users are limited to prevent abuse. Read More.
  • An overallocation indicator like is visible for tasks if any of its resources are overallocated.
  • Kanban now integrates with traditional project management. Tasks can be automatically marked as completed when they enter a particular lane.
  • You can attach files while adding comments on tasks and app items from the comments section itself.
  • The file upload interface has been redesigned. You can drag-n-drop one or more files while uploading files.
  • Project Gantt charts can be added on your dashboard. They now show milestones making it a great timeline view.
  • Time phased report in grid view having columns that deal with planning (utilization, effort, etc.) can be added to dashboards.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.