Version 14.5

SaaS: Nov 18, 2023     On-Premise: Dec 27, 2023
Enhancements (14 February 2024)
  • Bug Fix: Unable to add Project Specific Job Role rates in a specific scenario.
  • Bug Fix: Timeouts when deleting large projects from the recycle bin.
  • Bug Fix: Users without permissions could edit Invoiced time entries in the Auto Approval workflow.
  • Bug Fix: Double-clicking in Calendar caused overlapping event pop-ups.
  • Bug Fix: Non-admin users unable to edit/delete events they created for others.
  • Improvement: Archiving user replacement is now optional.
  • Improvement: Bulk delete of app items enabled.
  • Performance enhancements implemented.
Enhancements (30 January 2024)
  • Bug Fix: Email Notifications was not working for the automatic daily timesheet remainder.
  • Improvement: Moved Files option to more menu in LHS.
  • Bug Fix: Last user name was not displayed in user report.
18 Nov 2023

This is mostly a performance improvement release. This release also introduces user access types which enables you to optimize your pricing.

  • Improvement - The 'Virtual' checkbox is now moved to the 'Access Type' drop down when adding/editing users.
  • Improvement - The 'virtual' field reference is replaced with 'accessType' in API for user entities.
  • Improvement - Time Phased report renamed to 'Trend'.