Send Custom Email

At times, there is a need to send email to Executives, Clients or Team Members whenever a new entity is created in Celoxis such as new Project, App or Task. Although you can set your preferences to receive emails from User Settings yet there will always be a case where you need to send out customised emails when something happens in Celoxis.

In this article, we will learn to send a customised email whenever a New Project is created in Celoxis. For this we will be using Zapier, if you are not familiar with Zapier then first read this article.

Send an email when a New Project is created in Celoxis

  1. Make a Zap
  2. Choose Celoxis app and New Project as the Trigger
  3. Select your Celoxis account

    In case the account is not displayed then add your account.

  4. Test the Trigger
  5. Select a Sample

    The data from sample will be used in other steps to set up the Zap.

  6. Choose Gmail app and Send Email as the Action

    In place of Gmail, you can use other Email apps supported by Zapier.

  7. Add your Gmail account
  8. Customize the Email
  9. Test the Action
  10. Click on Done Editing
  11. Turn ON the Zap

Now when ever a New Project is created in Celoxis then an Email will be sent along with the data of that project.