Custom Fields

In the previous chapter, we created the workflow, here we create custom fields for our bug. By default, all workflows have the following fields:

  • Name
  • Priority
  • Assigned To
  • Requestor
  • Due Date - an optional date indicating when the estimated completion date of this item
  • Description
Let's add a few fields to our Bug:
  • Affected Versions - a list of all versions affected by this bug
  • Fixed Versions - a list of all versions in which this bug fix has been uploaded
Since we want the Affected Versions field to be available while creating a bug, we attach it our Bug app.
Since we want the developer to enter the Fixed Versions field only when he is marking the bugs as fixed i.e. Verified → Fixed and Reopened → Fixed, we attach it to the Fix actions as shown below:

What's Next?

We have created our application and also defined custom fields for it. In the next chapter, we will see our bug tracker in action.