Filling Weekly Timesheets

To fill your weekly timesheet, click on Top MenuTimesheet. The weekly timesheet screen is a quick, powerful and convenient way to log time as well as update task progress.

AYou can select another user for whom to fill time if you have the Time Proxy : Granted privilege.
BNavigate to previous or next week or jump to any date.
CA convenience – if checked, the screen comes pre-filed with rows with work items:
  • on which you have filled time in this week
  • on which logged time last week and are still incomplete
  • that are active in the last 2 weeks
DThe projects and work items that you can select here are controlled by this option.
EClick to add more rows.
FYou can enter a % complete for a task and enter comments
GClick on a cell to enter hours and click on the to add a comment for an individual time entry.
HClick to add non-project time rows.

You can click Save to save the timesheet or Submit to save as well as submit the timesheet for approval.