Creating Users

Administrators can add users. If you have a large number of users, you should consider importing users from CSV.

To add one user at a time:

  1. Click on Top MenuUser
  2. Select an appropriate user and click Next
  3. Select the appropriate access type
  4. In the Basic tab:
    1. Fill in Name, Email, Work Calendar, and Reporting Manager.
    2. If you wish the user to have a login, enter login and password, else click on Virtual checkbox
    3. Assign appropriate roles
  5. In the Custom Fields tab, fill in the appropriate custom fields.
  6. The Preferences tab will be prefilled based on the user we selected in the 2nd step. Read more about this tab.
  7. Check the Add Another check box if you wish to add more users like this one
  8. Submit
If the user was created with a login, an email with login information will be sent to that person.

User Availability
You will now be able to add a Start and End date when adding or editing users. Once you do this, the Time Phased reports showing the availability and capacity will reflect correctly.