Every project requires planning and effective implementation to make it successful and a project management tool can be a key aspect of it. The Project management tool should be easy to use and have a comprehensive set of features.

Some software might have good UI but might lack features and others might be feature-rich but too complex for your team to grasp. With hundreds of tools available it’s hard to find the right balance of features and the complexity of the tool.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of Top Project planning and scheduling software and highlighted their key features to help you find the right software for your team.

Top Project Planning and Scheduling Software

1. Celoxis


Celoxis with its powerful Planning and Scheduling tools helps you build project plans that adapt to real-world conditions. Celoxis has one of the most flexible, fast and responsive interactive Gantt charts, and can effortlessly handle large project plans involving multiple levels of sub-tasks, inter-project dependencies and even multiple resources per task.

Celoxis is used by top organisations like NASA, McDonald’s & Rolex, and rated highly by users and critics alike on Gartner, Capterra and PCMag, if you are looking for a project planning software, Celoxis should be at the top of your list.

Special Features:

  • Celoxis lets you create dynamic project plans that adapt to real-world conditions. 
  • Its automatic scheduling feature accommodates almost every real-world scenario to provide a robust and reliable project schedule.
  • With Celoxis you have the capability to view the accurate load of your resources, their actual utilization, capacity and efficiency which enables data-driven planning and decision making across the project lifecycle. This helps the project manager for better resource planning and management.

Pricing: SaaS: $25/user/month & On-Premise: $450/user.



Gantter is a Gantt chart based Project Management software, it is ideal for an individual project manager while advanced collaboration features like real-time multi-party editing and Google Hangout integration are perfect for teams. You can use it for project scheduling, project planning, data visualization, risk management, baselining, and more. Gantter has an AI recommendation engine which suggests tasks, risks and resources for your project, based on data from other projects.

Special Features:

  • Gantter has one of a kind AI recommendation engine which provides insightful suggestions based on user usage.
  • Built-in analytics for resource and tasks management.
  • Available in more than 23 languages.

Pricing: From $5 month/user with a 30-day free trial.



FunctionFox is a simple yet powerful project management tool which lets you create detailed project schedules, track your progress through interactive Gantt charts and calendars, manage your resources with action assignments and to-do lists, and communicate and collaborate all from one place.

Special features:

  • The software allows you to allocate work to your team using action assignments, mark out important dates within a project using milestones, and schedule project meetings and much more.
  • Due to its web-based nature, the software can be used by the in-office team as well as the remote team.
  • You can keep an eye on your team’s capacity through to-do lists and the availability tool, and monitor project timelines using their interactive Gantt charts and project calendar.

Pricing: The classic plan starts with $35 for the first user and $5 from 2nd user.



Scoro is a cloud-based business management software for small to midsize companies. It lets users plan and track their work across an unlimited amount of projects. The software’s key feature is its control hub, from which tasks, account information, key performance data and calendar events, among other aspects of businesses are displayed. Users can plan and utilize time more efficiently with scoro by managing, creating and tracking the number of projects with the ability to set priorities and deadlines, plan tasks and schedule meetings.

Scoro is used by leading organizations like Tele2, WSI, Newton, etc.

Special features:

  • Create budgets for projects and compare these against actual results
  •  Scoro’s Planner gives you an instant visual overview of everyone’s workload, realistic deadlines, potential overbookings & available slots
  • Know exactly how well your team is utilized, and what their time is spent on

Pricing: Scoro pricing starts at $26/month/user



AceProject is a web-based project tracking software that helps manage projects from end to end. It is designed for small and midsize businesses. One of the features in AceProject is that you can go into the settings and see exactly what privileges are assigned to you based on your role. The mobile app enables users to manage tasks and project communication remotely. It also allows users to design plug-ins and add-ons to integrate with other systems.

Ace Project is used by leading organizations like IBM, Toyota, DHL, etc.

Special features:

  • Easy to manage agile-based tasks and create work sprints!
  • Workflow for the time approval process is built-in
  • Coordinate teams across the globe efficiently

Pricing: pricing starts from $24/month

5. nTask


nTask is an amazing project management, task management and time-tracking software that allows you to plan and schedule all of the different tasks and projects that you or your company are trying to develop and execute. The application can also be used to weed out all of the different risks and scope creeps that can affect your project at any time of the project development process, and also helps you to view your project in a whole different way using Gantt charts and Kanban boards. 

Key Features:

  • Project management, team management and task management to make sure that all of your projects are well tracked and managed.
  • Available on Web, iOS and Android.
  • Can be integrated with a lot of third-party applications, so that you don’t have to leave the interface to perform any/every task and process.

Pricing: From $3 month/user with a free version and a free trial.

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