Today, is the go-to workplace tool for more than 70,000 teams around the world. has definitely made its mark as one of the top project management tools the internet has to offer today.

No Project Management Software is a one-size-fits-all solution and is no exception. Despite its robust set of features and a growing number of subscribers, too has its own set of limitations. In this article, we explore some alternatives that are worth considering.

List of Alternatives

1. Celoxis


Celoxis is a full-featured project management solution with capabilities like risk and financial management and a combination of tools like Interactive Gantt, Kanban board, Custom workflows it can easily cater to those that need a one-stop solution for project and portfolio management.

Key features:

  • Data Import/Export
  • Gantt Charts
  • Workflow management
  • Collaboration

Online Ratings:

  1. Gartner – 4.6/5 (100% recommendation rate)
  2. Capterra – 4.5/5
  3. G2Crowd – 4.3/5

Free trial: Celoxis offers a full-featured 30 days free trial

2. Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a project management and collaboration tool in both cloud and on-premise editions for teams of all sizes. It also offers scrum project management capabilities such as Epics & stories, sprints, and velocity charts.

Key features:

  • Timesheet management
  • Activity management
  • Role management
  • Overtime tracking

Online Ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.3/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4.4/5

Free trial: Orangescrum offers 30 days free trial

3. Avaza


Avaza is the seamless, productive platform teams use to collaborate on projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses and invoice customers. It can be used to collaborate all the workings of the team members.

Key features:

  • Percent – complete tracking
  • Accounting integration
  • Project templates
  • Status tracking

Online ratings:

  1. Gartner – 4.4/5
  2. Capterra – 4.6/5
  3. G2Crowd – 4.5/5

Free trial: It’s free forever up to 10 users

4. Teamgantt


Teamgantt is a refreshing solution that brings project scheduling software online. Plan and manage your projects with easy to use gantt software. You can also invite your co-workers, teammates to view and edit your charts is simple and fun.

Key features:

  • Gantt charts
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Library

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.6/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4.8/5

Free trial: TeamGantt has a free plan

5. Hive


Hive is an AI-based project and process management tool. It is a tool built for companies of all sizes in all industries who are looking to improve productivity and process management. It allows users to create and organize tasks for themselves and their co-workers with task deadlines, attachments, and labels.

Key features:

  • Team chat
  • Task management
  • File sharing
  • Time tracking

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.5/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4.5/5

Free trial: Hive offers 14 days free trial

6. GanttPro

GanttPRO online Gantt chart software

GanttPro is an online project management tool based on Gantt charts. It has an effective and easy to use UI, which is complemented by a vast array of features that make work life easier. It provides simple and effective tools that enable effective project management so that everyone can track their progress on all of the assigned tasks and increase productivity.

Key features:

  • Budget management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Agile methodologies
  • Customizable templates

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.6/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4.6/5

Free trial: GanttPro offers a 14 days free trial

7. Project Insight

project insight

Project Insight is an enterprise web-based project management software for teams of all sizes. Its project management system is highly customizable without impacting back-end table structure. Power users have the ability to create their own forms and add form fields to reports.

Key features:

  • Mobile app for iphone and android
  • In-Line Editing
  • Cross-project resource allocation
  • Issue tracking

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.4/5
  2. G2Crowd – 3.5/5

Free trial: Project Insight has a free plan

8. Zoho Project


Zoho Project is a cloud-based project management solution designed for small and mid-size companies. It provides a clear user design with logical and clear content and category designations. They offer multiple view options for those who, say for example who would rather have a kanban view over a more linear list breakdown. You can Hire Magento 2 Developer for Zoho Integrations.

Key features:

  • Custom permissions (Roles & Profiles)
  • Custom widgets, views, and fields
  • Kanban board for tasks and issues
  • Resource utilization

Online ratings:

  1. Gartner – 4.3/5
  2. Capterra – 4.2/5
  3. G2Crowd – 3.9/5

Free trial: Zoho Project offers a 10 days free trial

9. Freedcamp


Freedcamp is a web-based project management and collaboration service developed for single and multiple users to help them organize and collaborate effectively via the cloud. It contains one of the most comprehensive feature sets on the market while allowing you to only install the ones your team really needs.

Key features:

  • Data backups
  • Team milestones
  • Discussion boards
  • Subtasks

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.7/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4.5/5

Free trial: Freedcamp has a free plan

10. Hygger


Hygger is an Agile project management tool for software development. It defines what’s important for your customers and then build it using scrum or kanban. It helps to manage backlog and prioritize ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions.

Key features:

  • Prioritization
  • Status tracking
  • Retrospective management
  • Feedback management

Online ratings:

  1. Capterra – 4.6/5
  2. G2Crowd – 4/5

Free trial: Hygger has a free plan

11. Proofhub


Proofhub is a robust project management and team collaboration software that is designed for teams of every size, from any industry. Offering a range of advanced features in a centralized location, Proofhub can be used by both in-office and remote teams to be on the same platform and collaborate seamlessly on tasks and projecs from any device, from any location.

Key Features:

  • Task management
  • Timesheets
  • Custom fields
  • Gantt chart

Online Ratings:

  • Capterra: 4.4/5
  • G2: 4.4/5

Free Trial: Proofhub offers a 14-days trial with all the features


Whatever project management tool you use should give you the perspective you need for your project, and help you align it to your overall business strategy. These 10 alternatives are just some of the best options to choose from.

Which alternative does your team rely on? Give your suggestions in the comments below.

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