Fits Like a Glove

Celoxis On-Premise supports all popular enterprise platforms and will integrate seamlessly with your IT environment. It works with Linux + Postgresql, which means zero additional software costs. With web-based install and upgrades, Celoxis has the lowest TCO compared to other self-hosted solutions.

Hardware Requirements

  • Modern CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 10GB disk for software and logs
  • Additional disk space for attachments

Software Requirements

  • Linux, Windows or Mac OS
  • Amazon Corretto v11
  • SQL Server 2016+, Oracle 11g/12c or Postgresql 12+
  • SMTP and IMAP4 supported mail server

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the software be delivered?
You will be sent an email with the link to download the application. We do not provide the software on physical media.
How do I receive upgrades?
It takes about a month for the upgrade to be available for On-Premise customers after the update goes live for SaaS customers. We highly recommend that you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get news about upgrades.
What kind of expertise is required to install and manage Celoxis On-Premise?
Your administrator must be familiar with creating and managing your database and database users, creating accounts on your email server, taking backups of the database and files. You administrator must also be fluent in the operating system where Celoxis On-Premise will be installed.
Do you help in installation or upgrades?
Our support team will assist you if you have any questions during the installation or upgrade. We also offer remote installation and upgrade services for a fee.
Which technology is the software developed in?
Celoxis has been developed using Java Servlets technology. The product is 100% web-based and all a user needs is a modern browser. The software does not require Java or any other plugins to work in the browser.