Need assistance? Contact [js em address] and we will be happy to assist you.

The name of the company to which the license needs to be issued. For existing customers, the name should match the one we have on-record.

Full name of the primary point of contact for license administration.

Email address of the primary point of contact for license administration. Product download and license instructions will be sent to this address.

e.g. Redhat Linux 9.0, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X.

If Celoxis will be installed on a VM, enter aaaaaaaaaaaa. If not, download this program and run it on the computer where Celoxis will be installed. Copy the hardware ID from the pop-up here. To run: you will need Java on the server machine. If Java is not already installed, first download and install Java from here. Then double click the file if your server runs Microsoft Windows, while on Linux or MacOS: open a terminal, cd to the directory where the file is saved and run: java -jar celoxis-license.jar

If same as the machine running Celoxis, enter localhost here. If different, enter that host name here. To ensure that the host name is correct and accessible from the machine running Celoxis, open a command prompt on the Celoxis machine and ensure that the command ping < host-name > runs successfully.

Leave blank for default. Default ports are 1433 for MS SQL Server, 1521 for Oracle and 5432 for Postgresql.

Limit to 8 characters.