The SaaS industry was born in India in 2001 with Celoxis, a revolutionary project management tool. The first such tool made in India, it became a major disruptor that successfully competed with Microsoft Project and Excel – the de facto project management tools at that time.
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Huffington Post

Celoxis is a project management software built for the future. It is one of the few offering a cloud and on-premise deployment model for project management software and combined with solid reliability, intuitive usability and superior performance of the application.
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Forbes Indonesia

Launched in 2001, Celoxis has been the first movers in several areas, such as free client portals and customizable dashboards. It popularized the concept of “reverse outsourcing” in an economic service-oriented landscape.
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Life Hack

Celoxis is one of the most affordable all-in-one platforms for project management and work collaboration. It comes with a plethora​ of capabilities that help businesses – both big and small – to effectively manage their project portfolios, clients, costs, revenues, resources, and business processes.
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PC Magazine

Celoxis is a strong contender among online project management platforms. It is easy to learn, cleanly designed and offers a wide range of features for tracking tasks, financial resources, and time.
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Girl's Guide to PM

Celoxis is a mature product that would suit a PMO looking for stable, enterprise-class project management software. It’s a tool that lets you keep everything in one place, but without feeling like it’s preventing you from using anything else.
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Celoxis is heralded as a user-friendly platform with powerful customizability, making it an ideal EPM for large businesses. It is a great balance between price and available capabilities and offers a host of integrations, including Salesforce, Microsoft Project, and Quickbooks.
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Using Celoxis, organizations of all sizes can manage projects, finances, resources, and business processes online. The tool is at its best when used for planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking, and reporting.
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Project Times

Celoxis is a sophisticated project portfolio management and collaboration platform for medium to large businesses. It is a fully-featured software that lets you keep everything in one place. Celoxis is one of the very few online tools that offer a SaaS (Cloud-based) and On-Premise model.
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Celoxis has an above average range of management tools and excellent accessibility that makes it easy to integrate into any business. It includes a comprehensive list of project management features and is all but guaranteed to integrate perfectly into any existing work environment. It includes open API access, third-party application integration, and a customized user interface. And with the most mobile platform options available, teams can access its features at any time.
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Celoxis is an integrated web-based platform that empowers companies to plan and manage projects, processes and resources more efficiently. It brings a comprehensive solution to people, projects, processes and analytics. Celoxis has a full set of features and capabilities suitable for most medium and large businesses. Quality is a key factor in any project management tool. Well Celoxis is the perfect tool which offers quality results.


Celoxis online project management software is a comprehensive and proven solution with a successful track record. It has a set of features that cover not only the different phases of projects, but also the different growth stages of a company.
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Insights Success

Celoxis is an all-in-one online platform for project portfolio management and work collaboration. It has one of the best reporting engines, most scalable interactive Gantt charts, and the easiest-to-use timesheets.
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Celoxis is one platform that is heralded as a user-friendly platform with powerful customizations, making it an ideal platform for medium and large businesses. Its price point is almost at 50% of competitive project management tools and that’s what makes it a great balance between price and available capabilities.
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Finances Online

Celoxis is a popular project management app that is easy to use and affordable. Celoxis is customizable to suit a variety of business needs and is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Project, which is a project manager focused tool.
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Celoxis is most suitable for enterprise-level teams that manage multiple projects simultaneously. One of the software's standout features is its framework for building custom apps.
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Celoxis leverages project management tasks as it eliminates the need for businesses to use multiple software products. It is for businesses that want to always stay ahead of the game. If you’re looking for a project management software solution, this is one product that you should consider.
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Business 2 Community

An India-based project management software Celoxis provides a SaaS platform for an integrated system where project manager and team members can continuously provide value to a fast-paced and continually changing project.
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Silicon India

Celoxis is a risk-free investment to tackle your project management challenges. It adds tremendous value to organizations by improving efficiency and productivity by 40 percent, while the user-friendliness facilitates team members to embrace it easily.
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Celoxis is more than just a typical project management tool. The particular appeal of Celoxis is that while offering multiple tools and applications to manage all sort of tasks, the interface is still very simple and user-friendly (even for non-professional project managers).
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Business Advisory Board’s Project Management Greenbook

This Greenbook’s mission is to help small businesses find the right products for project management and Celoxis is one of the few solutions that is doing a great job serving this important segment. The list of approved products in the Project Management Greenbook represents the best the market has to offer for small and medium sized businesses.

Bright Hub Project Management

Celoxis is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses, small project teams and others who require a great deal of flexibility from their project management program, but who don't want to pay the big bucks for one of the custom programs.
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