Here’s what actual buyers are saying

Celoxis rates higher for project planning capabilities than Wrike

Celoxis rates higher for portfolio prioritization and budgeting than Wrike

Celoxis ranks higher for project financials than Wrike

Celoxis has much better full-cycle resource management capabilities than Wrike

Celoxis rates higher for real-time reporting and dashboards than Wrike

Celoxis has a higher rate of adoption than Wrike

Celoxis is more value for money than Wrike

Celoxis outperforms Wrike in quality of support

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Let’s look at the facts

  Project Planning

Celoxis is the best alternative to Wrike in project planning. Celoxis accommodates all your real world scheduling scenarios to give you reliable and accurate start and finish dates. You can create stable project plans based on working times, holidays, dependencies and task constraints. With project management tools like interative gantt chart, project templates, recurring tasks and baselines, you can be plan with confidence.

Interactive Gantt chart
Multiple resources per task
Allocate resources in hours instead of %
Advanced scheduling
FS, FF, SF & SS predecessor types
Inter-project dependencies
Critical Path
Recurring Tasks

  Project Tracking

Project tracking in Celoxis is more comprehensive than Wrike. Celoxis provides automatic visual indicators, planned vs actual variances, and billable vs non-billable activities. Celoxis also notifies you when task miss their deadline. Celoxis is one of the few wrike alternatives that offer earned value analysis.

Tracking Dashboards
Intelligent health indicators
Request an update from resources in one click
Track planned vs. actual - dates, hours and cost
Baselines and EVA
Change-request tracking
Log time and updates via email
Email alerts of important events

  Project Financials

With Celoxis get real-time financial management features that improve your project’s bottom line. You can track cost versus budget, billing vs costing and keep an eye on your project's profitability and margin with ease. Wrike does not provide any project financial capabilities.

Cost estimation
Cost tracking & forecasting
Revenue estimation
Revenue tracking & forecasting
Flexible billing models
Milestone-based billing
Track KPIs like cashflow, profit & margin

  Portfolio Management (PPM)

With Celoxis get real-time insight into your project priorities and overall portfolio health and roadmap. Celoxis is one of the few Wrike competitors that offer comprehensive portfolio management tools. Celoxis helps businesses understand their projects based on value and resources consumed,, distribute resources effectively, and improve overall portfolio performance.

Project request queue
Project prioritization
Demand management
Portfolio analysis
Portfolio dashboards

  Resource Management

With Celoxis you get a full cycle resource management system to plan for your today’s and tomorrow’s plan resource needs. It is probably the only Wrike alternative that offers a scheduling engine that work with different time zones. Celoxis offers comprehensive resource planning and tracking capabilities to eliminate common problems associated with poor resource planning, such as a lack of visibility of who is doing what and expensive resource conflicts.

Resources in different locations or shifts
Holidays and exceptions
Reporting manager
Virtual users
Support for external consultants
Cross-project workload chart
Planned vs. actual utilization
Job roles
Capacity planning


With Celoxis your clients and teams have plenty of ways to communicate and stay informed. With our free client accounts, you can even create a portal for your clients were they can log in to view their projects, share files, engage in online discussions and even participate in business processes like issue tracking, change requests, etc. Wrike or Wrike competitors do not have this functionality.

@ mentions
Comment on tasks, issues and other work items
File attachments
Version control
Online discussions
Client portal
Participate via email

  Time Tracking

Celoxis outperforms Wrike in offering comprehensive time tracking capabilities like weekly timesheets, automatic reminders, and auto approvals.

Weekly timesheets
Inbuilt timers
Log time via email
Log time for another user
Incomplete timesheets automation
Multi-level approval workflow
Automatic approvals
1-Click approvals

  Risk Management

Celoxis offers a flexible risk management application that can customized to your needs. You can add special fields, route it to different people, trigger time-outs and get amazing reports so you can manage risks the way you want.

Organization & project risk registers
Qualify risks
Custom risk parameters
Risk assesment
Escalation rules

  Issue & Bug Tracking

In Wrike, this can be handled through tasks and custom statuses and is available only in their high-end plans.

Customizable workflow
Escalation rules
Log time
Kanban view

  Expense Tracking

Wrike and many Wrike alternatives do not have expense management capabilities but we believe it is a critical piece when you want to compare project costs or calculate true project profitability or margins.

Billable and non-billable expenses
Custom expense codes
Online approval
File attachments to expenses (e.g. Receipts)
Reimbursible flag

  Analytics & Reporting

Celoxis puts comprehensive, real-time project portfolio analytics including custom metrics within reach and provides all the insights and business intelligence you need at your fingertips. Wrike has basic reporting and some views are only available in their high-end plans. Celoxis has the best analytics engine in the market today and easily beats Wrike or Wrike equivalents.

Cross-project reporting
Dynamic filters
Drill-down charts
Reporting on custom fields including formula fields.
Trend charts
Automatically email reports


Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Google Drive
Quick Books Online
Single Sign-On


Celoxis provides comprehensive role and project-based security, so you can exactly control what your users can see.

Role-based permissions
Project-level overrides


Celoxis offers flexible deployment options to suit your businesses. Whether you are looking for a Cloud-Based or an On-Premise option, Celoxis provides solutions at the lowest TCO. You can always start with SaaS and then move to On-Premise. Wrike and many other Wrike equivalents and Wrike competitors do not support On-Premise.

Cloud (SaaS)



$ 25~45

Monthly/User (Annual Subscription)

The number one change for us is that we no longer need to look for where a project is located and pick up on its trails. Celoxis is a great tool to manage projects, costs, resources, time and progress. It is feature-rich, easy to implement and highly customizable. It’s reporting capabilities are superb and it’s customer support is simply exceptional.

Laura Yue
Laura Yue, Business Analyst, GroundProbe

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