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Celoxis has a higher user adoption rate than Microsoft Project

Celoxis has a better quality of support than Microsoft Project

Celoxis has more capabilities at a lower price than Microsoft Project

Celoxis has a faster time to ROI than Microsoft Project

Celoxis is easier to use than Microsoft Project

Celoxis is faster to go live than Microsoft Project

Let’s look at the facts

DISCLAIMER: The data compiled in the following report has been gathered from publicly available data and from our interaction with potential buyers. This means the comparison data can be outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. We advise you to do a personal evaluation of all tools before making a decision.

Project Planning

Of all the Microsoft Project alternatives out there, Celoxis comes closet in matching the Microsoft Project scheduling paradigm. Celoxis can synchronize with Microsoft Project, thus enabling a seamless transition.

CeloxisMS Project
Interactive Gantt chart
Multiple resources per task
Allocate resources in hours instead of %
Advanced scheduling
FS, FF, SF & SS predecessor types
Inter-project dependencies
Critical Path
Recurring Tasks

Project Tracking

Celoxis helps you visually monitor your progress, so you can identify potential problems and take corrective action in advance.

CeloxisMS Project
Tracking Dashboards
Intelligent health indicators
Request an update from resources in one click
Track planned vs. actual - dates, hours and cost
Baselines and EVA
Change-request tracking
Log time and updates via email
Email alerts of important events

Project Financials

Celoxis offers efficient project financial management capabilities to prevent any surprises and keep profit margins in check. You get real-time visibility into budget spends and receivables across projects and portfolios.

CeloxisMS Project
Cost estimation
Cost tracking & forecasting
Revenue estimation
Revenue tracking & forecasting
Flexible billing models
Milestone-based billing
Track KPIs like cashflow, profit & margin

Portfolio Management (PPM)

Integrated portfolio management capabilities in Celoxis makes it a one-stop-shop for managing complex portfolios.

CeloxisMS Project
Project request queue
Project prioritization
Demand management
Portfolio analysis
Portfolio dashboards

Resource Management

Celoxis provides robust resource management capabilities including an interactive cross-project workload chart. You can also track capacity, efficiency, billable utilization and other important KPIs.

CeloxisMS Project
Resources in different locations or shifts
Holidays and exceptions
Reporting manager
Virtual users
Support for external consultants
Cross-project workload chart
Planned vs. actual utilization
Job roles
Capacity planning


Microsoft Project does not provide out-of-the-box collaboration capabilities and needs integration with collaboration tools like Skype, Yammer and SharePoint. Celoxis is your online project collaboration software. From project discussions and @mentions to file sharing and document versioning, it offers you the exact set of project collaboration tools to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve collaborative efforts. With free client collaboration capabilities, clients become de facto contributors to project success.

CeloxisMS Project
@ mentions
Comment on tasks, issues and other work items
File attachments
Version control
Online discussions
Client portal
Participate via email

Time Tracking

CeloxisMS Project
Weekly timesheets
Inbuilt timers
Log time via email
Log time for another user
Incomplete timesheets automation
Multi-level approval workflow
Automatic approvals
1-Click approvals

Risk Management

CeloxisMS Project
Organization & project risk registers
Qualify risks
Custom risk parameters
Risk assesment
Escalation rules

Issue & Bug Tracking

CeloxisMS Project
Customizable workflow
Escalation rules
Log time
Kanban view

Expense Tracking

CeloxisMS Project
Billable and non-billable expenses
Custom expense codes
Online approval
File attachments to expenses (e.g. Receipts)
Reimbursible flag

Analytics & Reporting

With Celoxis, derive powerful and actionable real-time insights across projects without any add-ins or extensions.

CeloxisMS Project
Cross-project reporting
Dynamic filters
Drill-down charts
Reporting on custom fields including formula fields.
Trend charts
Automatically email reports


Celoxis provides deeper integrations and a flexible, web-based API to connect the dots and unify your business.

CeloxisMS Project
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Google Drive
Quick Books Online
Single Sign-On


CeloxisMS Project
Role-based permissions
Project-level overrides


With Celoxis, you can even start on the cloud and move to on-premise at a later time.

CeloxisMS Project
Cloud (SaaS)

Celoxis’ implementation of the Microsoft Project paradigm is the closest and the best I have seen. Celoxis can effortlessly handle and load large project plans with thousands of tasks and subtasks without choking up. Celoxis is a powerful PMO solution that can be used to facilitate and strengthen the project management processes of any organization.

Michael Milshtein, Director of Engineering and Development, SweetRush Inc.

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