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Celoxis training is designed to help new customers accelerate Celoxis adoption and time to value. Most employees are not fond of software training and find it tedious. Our training, however, is different. We have designed our modules to deliver maximum value in minimum time — no boring lessons, just focused, hands-on training in quick time. Trainings are conducted by a mix of PMP-certified and domain experts with significant industry experience.

Our onboarding packages are structured with a predefined yet flexible plan to speed up your learning process. You can choose from these packages based on your organization’s project management requirements and mandated time to delivery. Alternatively, you can choose to go a-la-carte and design your own package.

Essentials Package

This package is designed to get you and your team up and running on Celoxis as quickly as possible. Mainly designed for organizations that need rapid user onboarding.

$1,650 - 5 hrs, covered in one week

Enhanced Package

This program starts with basics & progresses to train teams on key aspects to make sure they derive maximum benefits from all the important capabilities in the system.

$2,775 - 8:30 hrs, covered in 2 weeks

Comprehensive Package

This package starts with the basics and later covers the advanced capabilities on offer. This ensures maximum coverage & the best knowledge transfer for your team.

$4,250 - 13 hrs, covered in 3 weeks

Package Comparison

Project Creation00:30
Project Planning01:00
Project Tracking00:40
Team Collaboration00:50
Reports (Basic)01:00
Resource Management00:50
Time Tracking00:50
Budgeting & Costing00:50
Reports (Advanced)01:00
Client Billing00:50
Custom Apps00:40
Q&A Session01:00 123
Price (Hours)$1,650 (5:00)$2,775 (8:30)$4,250 (13:00)

Terms & Conditions

More Services

A-La-Carte Training

If you want hands-on training in some specific areas instead of going with a package, you can choose modules of your choice.

Each module can be scheduled at $350/hour

Q&A Sessions

Got questions about how to use Celoxis for your organization? Our product experts can help you get all the answers.

Each Q&A can be scheduled at $250/hour.

Happy Customers

The training met the objectives. The team felt much better coming out of this training. The trainers really knew the product well and were able to answer our questions.

Ed McNachtan

I was very pleased with the instructors willingness to listen and answer questions. Very clear on his talking points and kept to teaching pace that was easy to follow. Great Work.

Clifton Whitcomb

I picked up a lot of hints, and feel that it was a good introduction to those in the room who were new to the concept of project management.

Bronwyn Battersby
The University of Queensland
Training and Q&A sessions

Terms & Conditions

  1. We require an advance notice of at least two weeks to book a schedule.
  2. Our training timings depends on your time zone. Please refer to the following table to determine times in your area.
    Time ZoneTimings
    San Francisco (U.S.)8 AM ~ 10 AM
    New York (U.S.)8 AM ~ 1 PM
    London (U.K.)8 AM ~ 4 PM
    Paris (France)10 AM ~ 4 PM
    Cape Town (S.A.)10 AM ~ 4 PM
    India10 AM ~ 5 PM
    Singapore1 PM ~ 6 PM
    Sydney (Australia)3 PM ~ 7 PM
  3. All of our sessions are remotely delivered via a web-conferencing tool like GoToMeeting, Google Meet or Zoom.
  4. A maximum of 25 logins will be provided for hands-on training. Also, the limit of web-conferencing software clients connected for the training session is 25. However, there is no limit on the number of users viewing a session - for example, multiple users can sit in a conference room and witness the training using a single web-conferencing client.
  5. Your trainers may include Celoxis-authorized third-party vendors.
  6. Cancellations and rescheduling requests must be made in writing at least 72 hours prior to the start of a session, otherwise they may be declined, and the training would be considered as provided in the event of a no-show.
  7. Our sessions may be recorded for quality or internal training purposes. We may not be able to provide you with a recording.
  8. Training and Q&A hours must be utilized within 6 months of purchase. Any unused hours will expire and are not refundable.

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