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Celoxis rates higher for Adoption (%) than Microsoft Project

Celoxis outperforms Microsoft Project in Quality of Support

Celoxis has more capabilities at a lower price point than Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project requires more time on average to reach ROI than Celoxis

Celoxis rates higher than Microsoft Project for ease of use.

Microsoft Project requires more time to go live (months) than Celoxis

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Celoxis’ implementation of the Microsoft Project paradigm is the closest and the best I have seen. Celoxis can effortlessly handle and load large project plans with thousands of tasks and subtasks without choking up. Celoxis is a powerful PMO solution that can be used to facilitate and strengthen the project management processes of any organization.

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Michael (Misha ) Milshtein, Director of Engineering and Development, SweetRush Inc.

Let’s look at some facts.

Check out why Celoxis is the best alternative to Microsoft Projects.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Allocate Resources in Hours
2 Interactive Cross-project Workload Chart
3 Track Billable and Non-billable Tasks
4 Kanban View
5 Scheduled Report Delivery
6 Visual Health Indicators
7 Milestone-based Billing
8 Financial KPIs
9 Financial Health Indicators
10 Virtual Users

Microsoft Project does not provide out-of-the-box collaboration capabilities and needs integration with collaboration tools like Skype, Yammer and SharePoint.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Project Discussions
2 Task Comments
3 Activity Stream
4 Document Management with Version Control
5 File Sharing
6 @mentions
7 In-app Notification Center
8 Free Client Collaboration

Easily track planned vs actual or billable vs non-billable activities in Celoxis.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Multiple Dashboards
2 Visual Health Indicators
3 Track Billable and Non-billable Tasks
4 Kanban View
5 Status Updates by Email
6 Change Request Management
7 Schedule Projections
8 Planned vs Actual Tracking
9 Calendar View
10 Milestone based Tracking
11 Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

With Celoxis get real-time financial management features that improve your project’s bottom line.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Job Role-based costing
2 Activity & User-based Billing Models
3 Fixed Priced Projects
4 Time & Material Projects
5 Milestone-based Billing
6 Job Role-based billing
7 Revenue Projections and Forecasting
8 Financial KPIs
9 Financial Health Indicators
10 Cash Flows & Margin Tracking
11 Budget Tracking
12 Fixed, Labor & Material Cost
13 Project Specific Cost Rates
14 Cost Projections

Celoxis provides robust resource management capabilities including an interactive cross-project workload chart.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Job Roles
2 Reporting Manager
3 External Users
4 Virtual Users
5 Interactive Cross-project Workload Chart
6 Project & Personal Calendars
7 Timezone-specific Calendars & Public Holidays
8 Part-time Resources
9 Resource Effort & Utilization Tracking
10 Exception Management (meetings, vacations, etc.)
11 Resource Profiling & Skillsets
12 Capacity Planning

Celoxis outperforms Microsoft Project in offering comprehensive time tracking capabilities.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Timers
2 Fill Time via Email
3 Automatic Timesheet Reminders
4 Incomplete Timesheet Reporting
5 Configurable Multilevel Time Approval Workflows
6 One-click Approvals
7 Auto Approvals
8 Weekly Timesheet
9 Non-project Time

Project Scheduling in Celoxis closely mimics the Microsoft Project paradigm for a seamless sync and overall organizational adoption.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Allocate Resources in Hours
2 Fixed Effort, Fixed Duration & Fixed Units Scheduling
3 Critical Path
4 Multiple Resources Allocation
5 Auto-scheduling based on Resource Work Hours, Vacations and Time zones
6 Interactive Gantt Chart
7 Inter-project Dependencies
8 Baselining
9 Recurring Tasks
10 Project Templates
11 Manually-scheduled Tasks

With Celoxis, derive powerful and actionable real-time insights across projects without any add-ins or extensions.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Cross-project Reporting
2 Dynamic Filtering
3 Scheduled Report Delivery
4 Multiple Data Visualizations
5 Custom Charts
6 Drill-down Reporting
7 Multi-level Grouping & Sorting
8 Reporting on Custom Fields (including formula fields)
9 Time-phased Data Reporting
10 Trend Charts

Celoxis provides deeper integrations and a flexible, web-based API to connect the dots and unify your business.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Full Email Integration (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
2 LDAP (Active Directory)
3 Zapier
4 QuickBooks Online
5 Google Drive
7 MS Excel
8 Salesforce
9 iCal
10 Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrated Portfolio Management in Celoxis makes it a one-stop-shop for managing complex portfolios.

# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Project Requests
2 Project Prioritization
3 Demand Management
4 Project Portfolio Analysis
5 Business KPI Tracking
6 Portfolio Dashboards
# Features Celoxis MSP
1 Expense Management
2 Risk Management
3 Bug/Issue Tracking
4 Custom Apps (Workflows)



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