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Celoxis rates higher for project planning capabilities than Smartsheet

Celoxis has more comprehensive portfolio management & resource management capabilities than Smartsheet

Celoxis rates higher for intuitive and real-time reporting & dashboards than Smartsheet

Smartsheet does not offer time tracking capabilities

Celoxis has an higher rate of adoption than Smartsheet

Celoxis outperforms Smartsheet in quality of support

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Let’s look at the facts

  Project Planning

Celoxis is the best alternative to Smartsheet in project planning. With Celoxis, you can create dynamic project plans, schedule tasks, set due dates, assign resources, map dependencies and guard your critical path to set up your project for success. With tools like interactive gantt chart, project templates, recurring tasks, task lists, automatic project scheduling and baselines, you can be sure of doing it right the first time.

Interactive Gantt chart
Multiple resources per task
Allocate resources in hours instead of %
Advanced scheduling
FS, FF, SF & SS predecessor types
Inter-project dependencies
Critical Path
Recurring Tasks

  Project Tracking

Celoxis outclasses Smartsheet when it comes to tracking projects. Celoxis helps you administer all of your in-flight projects and provides you the visibility into how they are doing at all times. You can regularly identify variances, get alerted on blocked or late activities and stay informed on issues. Celoxis tracking tools are built to understand performance, improve team efficiency and hit project deadlines.

Tracking Dashboards
Intelligent health indicators
Request an update from resources in one click
Track planned vs. actual - dates, hours and cost
Baselines and EVA
Change-request tracking
Log time and updates via email
Email alerts of important events

  Project Financials

Smartsheet does not offer real-time and integrated project financials. Yes, you can create custom columns for financial data but there is a limit on how much you can achieve through these workarounds. Plus there is the question of security and updating project portfolios with real-time data. Other Smartsheet alternatives do no better.

Cost estimation
Cost tracking & forecasting
Revenue estimation
Revenue tracking & forecasting
Flexible billing models
Milestone-based billing
Track KPIs like cashflow, profit & margin

  Portfolio Management (PPM)

Smartsheet is more of a task and work management software and does not provide a thorough portfolio management system. Celoxis PPM software, on the other hand, helps businesses identify the most worthwhile projects, distribute resources effectively, and improve overall portfolio performance. With the right tools for managing diverse portfolios, you can easily analyze projects for effectiveness, how their estimates compare with actuals, and whether they align with the larger, strategic objectives of your organization. Celoxis' PPM solution also provides comprehensive views into project budgets, actuals, and forecasts to understand how costs span across portfolios thereby increasing budget accuracy and overall ROI on project spends.

Project request queue
Project prioritization
Demand management
Portfolio analysis
Portfolio dashboards

  Resource Management

Resource Management capabilities in Smartsheet are fairly basic and would work well for small, one-off projects where teams need to collaborate. Celoxis offers comprehensive resource planning and tracking capabilities to eliminate common problems associated with poor resource planning, such as a lack of visibility of who is doing what and expensive resource conflicts. It improves visibility and control and enables project managers to view resource load across multiple projects. You can closely monitor resource performance and utilization across billable and non-billable activities.

Resources in different locations or shifts
Holidays and exceptions
Reporting manager
Virtual users
Support for external consultants
Cross-project workload chart
Planned vs. actual utilization
Job roles
Capacity planning


Celoxis offers the right collaboration tools for teams, clients and other stakeholders to come together, plan, communicate and get work done faster. The Activity stream gives you a quick overview of the recent happenings in your projects and other work items. With Project Discussions, you can post topics and let ideas flow back and forth.

@ mentions
Comment on tasks, issues and other work items
File attachments
Version control
Online discussions
Client portal
Participate via email

  Time Tracking

Your team can track hours and progress on individual tasks or submit weekly timesheets. Managers can manage timesheet approvals in one-click, set it to autoapprovals or set an approval workflow. Executives can report on individual and project time with custom filters.

Weekly timesheets
Inbuilt timers
Log time via email
Log time for another user
Incomplete timesheets automation
Multi-level approval workflow
Automatic approvals
1-Click approvals

  Risk Management

Celoxis offers an integrated and flexible risk management solution. You can define your own fields and workflow for risks. You can also have a global risk register or a register per project. All this with our sophisticated reporting engine makes it an excellent solution to manage your risks.

Organization & project risk registers
Qualify risks
Custom risk parameters
Risk assesment
Escalation rules

  Issue & Bug Tracking

Bug and issue tracking in Smartsheet is fairly basic (something similar that can be done in Excel). It does not offer a customizable workflow to capture the intricacies of a bug/issue lifecycle. Celoxis, however, allows you to customize fields, workflows and views. Celoxis also has email integration making collaboration on bugs and issues convenient. Celoxis not only beats Smartsheet but all other Smartsheet competitors as well.

Customizable workflow
Escalation rules
Log time
Kanban view

  Expense Tracking

Smartsheet does not offer integrated expense management for accurately recording and tracking project costs related to equipments, people, legal, travel, etc.

Billable and non-billable expenses
Custom expense codes
Online approval
File attachments to expenses (e.g. Receipts)
Reimbursible flag

  Analytics & Reporting

Smartsheet provides basic tabular reporting capabilities out-of-the-box. For advanced and more insightful reporting, you need their additional plugins, integrations and experimental lab features. These come with their high-end plans. Celoxis reporting engine is one of the best in the market and better than other Smartsheet alternatives as well.

Cross-project reporting
Dynamic filters
Drill-down charts
Reporting on custom fields including formula fields.
Trend charts
Automatically email reports


Smartsheet offers all the basic integration tools for small businesses. It does not offer enterprise-level integrations out-of-the-box. Celoxis comes packed with out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Project, Excel, Google Drive, Outlook or other email clients, QuickBooks Online and You can also connect with a wide variety of most popular enterprise applications through Zapier. You can also leverage Celoxis’ 100% web-based and platform independent API to build your own integrations.

Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Google Drive
Quick Books Online
Single Sign-On


Smartsheet offers a fairly basic level of security to isolate data access. It does not offer granular control and isolation of sensitive project data.

Role-based permissions
Project-level overrides


Celoxis offers deployment options to suit any size businesses. So whether you are looking for a Cloud-Based or an On-Premise option, Celoxis provides solutions at the lowest TCO. You can always start with SaaS and then move to On-Premise. Smartsheet and many other Smartsheet equivalents and Smartsheet competitors do not support On-Premise.

Cloud (SaaS)



$ 25+

Monthly/User (Annual Subscription)

When you are looking for a system, don’t think that you have to utilize the leader in the industry just because they have the name. We fell into that hole several times before we found Celoxis. To be honest I had never heard of Celoxis before I started doing some web searches. You don’t have to pay $50,000 or a $100,000 to find a really quality solution.

Peter Hauschild
Peter Hauschild, Director of Services Operations, SilkRoad Inc.

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