Here’s what actual buyers are saying about Celoxis

Celoxis rates higher for Interactive Gantt Chart/Project Planning capabilities than Smartsheet.

Celoxis has more comprehensive portfolio management and resource management capabilities than Smartsheet.

Celoxis rates higher for intuitive and real-time Reporting and Dashboards than Smartsheet.

Smartsheet does not offer time tracking capabilities.

Celoxis has an higher rate of adoption than Smartsheet.

Celoxis outperforms Smartsheet in Quality of Support.

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When you are looking for a system, don’t think that you have to utilize the leader in the industry just because they have the name. We fell into that hole several times before we found Celoxis. To be honest I had never heard of Celoxis before I started doing some web searches. You don’t have to pay $50,000 or a $100,000 to find a really quality solution.

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Peter Hauschild, Director of Services Operations, SilkRoad Inc.

Let’s look at some facts.

Celoxis is a highly customizable and comprehensive platform for project portfolio management. You can manage multiple projects with ease, manage resources efficiently, and see what’s working.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Auto Scheduling
2 Multiple Resource Allocations
3 Inter-project Dependencies
4 Recurring Tasks
5 Real-time Visual Health Indicators
6 Project Baseline
7 Project Requests
8 Project Finances (Budgets, Costing, Billing and Financial KPIs)
9 Time Tracking
10 Planned v/s Actual Effort & Utilization Tracking
11 Resource Capacity Planning
12 Trend Reporting & Forecasting
13 Activity Stream and @mention comments
14 Risk Assessment Matrix
15 Custom fields including roll-up & formula fields
16 Custom Apps (Business Processes)
17 On-Premise Deployment

Celoxis offers comprehensive planning and tracking capabilities to manage small and large, simple and complex projects. Smartsheet works better for task management and smaller projects. Users of Smartsheet find it extremely difficult to implement the solution as an enterprise program / portfolio management solution.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Two-way Microsoft Project Sync
2 Auto Scheduling based on Resource Hours and Vacations
3 Manual Scheduling
4 Multiple Resources Allocations
5 Resource Allocations in Hours
6 Inter-project Dependencies
7 Baselining
8 Recurring Tasks
9 Schedule Projections
10 Visual Health Indicators
11 Planned v/s Actual Tracking
12 Track Billable and non-billable Tasks
13 Milestone based Tracking
14 Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
15 Status Updates by Email
16 Change Request Management
17 Project Templates
18 Interactive Gantt Chart (drag/drop/interactive)
19 Critical Path
20 Calendar View
21 Kanban View
22 Multiple Dashboards

Smartsheet does not offer real-time and integrated project financials. Yes, you can create custom columns for financial data, but Smartsheet inherently suffers from granular security and real-time, dynamic updates to overall project and portfolio financials.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Budget Tracking
2 Fixed, Labor & Material Cost
3 Project Specific Cost Rates
4 Cost Projections
5 Job Role-based costing
6 Activity & User-based Billing Models
7 Fixed Priced Projects
8 Time & Material Projects
9 Milestone-based Billing
10 Job Role-based billing
11 Revenue Projections and Forecasting
12 Financial KPIs
13 Financial Health Indicators
14 Cash Flows & Margin Tracking

Resource Management capabilities in Smartsheet are fairly basic and would work well for small, one-off projects where teams need to collaborate.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Resource Profiling & Skillsets
2 Region-based Work Calendars
3 Job Roles
4 Reporting Manager
5 Part-time Resources
6 Virtual Users
7 External Users (vendors/contractors)
8 Exception Management (meetings, vacations...)
9 Resource Capacity Planning
10 Planned v/s Actual Effort & Utilization Tracking
11 Interactive Cross-project Workload Chart

Smartsheet provides basic tabular reporting capabilities out-of-the-box. For advanced and more insightful reporting, you need their additional plugins, integrations and experimental lab features. These come with their high-end plans.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Drill-down Reporting
2 Multi-level Grouping & Sorting
3 Dynamic Filtering
4 Reporting on Custom Fields (including formula fields)
5 Trend Charts & Custom Time-phased Data Reporting
6 Multiple Data Visualizations
7 Custom Charts
8 Scheduled Report Delivery

Smartsheet is more a task and work management software and does not provide a thorough portfolio management system.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Project Requests
2 Project Prioritization
3 Demand Management
4 Custom Fields to capture Business KPI
5 Roll-up portfolio views
6 Project Portfolio Analysis
7 Portfolio Dashboards

Smartsheet does not offer integrated expense management for accurately recording and tracking project costs related to equipments, people, legal, travel, etc.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 One-click Approvals
2 Reimbursable Expenses
3 Expense Codes

Celoxis offers a wider array of collaboration tools including a free client portal for real-time client collaboration and information sharing.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Activity Stream
2 @mention comments
3 Free Client Collaboration
4 Project Discussions
5 Task Comments
6 File Sharing
7 Document Management
8 In-app Notification Center

Bug and issue tracking in Smartsheet is fairly basic (something similar that can be done in Excel). It does not offer a customizable workflow to capture the intricacies of a bug/issue lifecycle.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Escalation Matrix
2 Fill & Track Time Spent on Bugs and Issues
3 Customizable Bug & Issue Tracking

Smartsheet offers all the basic integration tools for small businesses. It does not offer enterprise-level integrations out-of-the-box.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 QuickBooks Online
2 LDAP (Active Directory)
3 Salesforce
4 Single Sign-On (SSO)
5 Google Drive
6 Microsoft Project
7 Excel/CSV
8 Email Integration
9 Zapier
10 API

Smartsheet offers a fairly basic level of security to isolate data access. It does not offer granular control and isolation of sensitive project data.

# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Role-based Security
2 Project-level Security settings
3 Workspaces to isolate Projects
# Features Celoxis Smartsheet
1 Risk Management
2 Custom Apps (Workflows)
3 Time Tracking


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