More than just Project Management

Revolutionize every aspect of your business — from optimizing your project portfolio to tracking profit margins and everything in between.

Key differentiator

Intake Management

Automate capturing project requests from web-forms, emails & other sources. Rank them using custom logic & fields.


What-if Analysis

Get the perfect mix of strategic & tactical projects based on your custom metrics & resource management capacity.

Project Planning

Build dynamic project plans using our PPM software that auto-adjust to resource time-offs, task delays & changing priorities.

Key differentiator

Resource Management

Optimize utilisation of resources working different time-zones & shifts. Get analytics by role, skills & even custom fields.


Custom Workflow Apps

Define, track & optimize your business processes with superb data-insights, say goodbye to spreadsheets & emails.

Key differentiator

Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor schedules, margins & even custom metrics with fully customizable portfolio dashboards with drill-down capability.

Worldwide Presence

Trusted by Global Leaders

Celoxis PPM Software has empowered trusted brands across diverse industries and spanning continents.

A Unique Value Proposition

The perfect balance between capabilities, ease-of-use and price.

Absolutely phenomenal! From its intuitive interface to its robust features, every aspect of Celoxis screams efficiency and effectiveness.


Power Packed

Celoxis project management software comes with all the necessary enterprise PPM tools so your team can focus on being productive rather than switching between different programs. Maximize efficiency with enterprise PPM capabilities.

Advanced Scheduling

Gantt Charts

Risk Management

Time Tracking

Kanban Style

Issue Tracking

Client Portal

Tons of Customizations

Make decisons based on data, not opinions.

Slice, dice, and visualize your data effortlessly, even with custom fields tailored to your organization's needs. Our project portfolio management software empowers you with 100% customizable dashboards that not only captivate with their visual appeal but also expedite decision-making processes. Schedule reports directly to project managers, PMOs, or CXOs, ensuring timely access to critical insights. With our advanced reporting engine, our enterprise PPM tool, along with the best project management software, elevates your organization into a data-driven powerhouse.

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Celoxis Integrates Seamlessly with JIRA and Azure DevOps

Get direct access to development progress and resource utilization within Celoxis, eliminating the need to switch between different apps for updates.


Our ratings speak for themselves

Celoxis has topped the list of online project management software and enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) tools compiled by top review sites for over ten years in a row.

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Why Celoxis?

Ranked #1 Project Management Software by leading analysts, Celoxis is a comprehensive project portfolio management (PPM) software that seamlessly plans, tracks, and manages all your workflows on a customizable platform.

Celoxis helps you manage every aspect of your business, from optimizing your project portfolio to tracking profit margins. It perfectly balances capabilities, ease of use, and price, offering enterprise-grade features at a price point accessible to a wider range of businesses.

For over two decades, Celoxis has been the best project management software catering to Fortune 500 and small enterprises across industries worldwide and can address 90% of your challenges at the best cost and minimum time without compromising the features and capabilities that enterprises demand. This PPM software also includes robust resource management capabilities, making it a top choice for those seeking efficient resource management software solutions.

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Our project management software integrates seamlessly with over 400 popular business applications and our easy to use and powerful API makes it easy to integrate with any custom or in-house software that you use.

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Customers Celoxis      

Our team loves Celoxis PPM software! It's not just a tool; it's like having a super-smart assistant for our projects. With customizable workflows and insightful reports, the project management software has become our secret weapon for smooth project management. Highly recommended!

Dimity Lushin
PMO Head, Itella

Celoxis is my all-in-one project management software solution. As the CEO of Visicom, I've witnessed the transformation it brings to how we work and collaborate. It's more than enterprise project management software; it's a game-changer in the realm of project and portfolio management.

Jozef Sovick
CEO, Visicom

Celoxis is the best project portfolio management software that I have worked. Its excellent features and exceptional reporting capabilities are outstanding, and it has truly streamlined our global implementation projects. The PPM tool has become essential for our project portfolio management needs.

Stacie Manzano
Director - Global Services Operations, Snow Software

Best Project Portfolio Management Software helps optimize project portfolios, resources & workflows. Get project portfolio management (PPM) tool features, advanced business capabilities, and dynamic dashboards & reporting.

Stephen Pickett
Professional Services Director, Connect Assist

Celoxis has quickly become an indispensable project portfolio management software for us. It has transformed our project management approach, providing a comprehensive solution for task tracking, client reporting, and management oversight. Its advanced features, including portfolio planning and resource optimization, have been instrumental in turning our strategic roadmap into actionable initiatives. Celoxis is more than just project portfolio management software; it's a key driver of our operational success.

Pascal Dereux
Director of Operations, NTI Solutions

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