Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited, Katarzyna Wardzala, Operations Coordinator.

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Celoxis has allowed us to gain project and resource management visibility across the business and improve overall coordination, communication and project execution.

Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited, doing business as Betfred, owns and operates that provides online sports betting and eGaming services for customers in the United Kingdom and internationally. Specifically the company provides online services in the areas of sports, in play, casino, live casino, games, poker, lotto, virtual, bingo, mobile, and promotions.

Before Celoxis all daily project requests went through a simple collaboration management tool focused on exchanging messages, without all the features that Celoxis has to offer. Now we have many more options to track the workflow, project progress, and resource capacity and management planning. Celoxis offers many more ways to co-operate within a project and allows the business to generate many reports customized to each team's needs.

Features we use are numerous, the customizable dashboards, project tracking, multi-functional reporting, capacity and resource management and timekeeping are key components/features that we use on a daily basis.

All the data is now stored in one place, in the online tool, that is easy to access and we can see how the daily process are working. It's also improved overall communication, reporting and accountability across all projects.

The Hive, Joel Peters.

Joel Peters, The Hive

Celoxis has been an integral part of The Hive's refinement of internal communication for not only projects, but for day to day task and issues.

The Hive is a small, tight knit group that designs, develops, and sells high end bicycle components. Engineering, Sales, and Development are spread out across three locations globally including two California facilities as well as one in Taiwan.

We've been using Celoxis for several years now. Previously, we were using Basecamp which is a great communication tool but did not allow for issue tracking or true accountability for task completion. Since using Celoxis, we've improved our ability to track internal tasks and issues as well as improving and tracking document and purchase order submissions to suppliers.

We definitely take most advantage of the customizable workflow processes. Not only has it improved our ability to track key business processes, but it forced us to better understand and enabled their improvement.

Celoxis helps keep our teams on track with project and business directives and schedules. It also helps keep issues and tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Celoxis has been an integral part of The Hive's refinement of internal communication for not only projects, but for day to day task and issues.

Kesslers International Ltd., Paul Copping, Technical Manager.

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Celoxis is a project management system which is simple and cost effective enough to get up and running instantly with, but feature rich enough for us to expand into.

am the Technical Manager at Kesslers International responsible for the technical product development of retail displays and equipment which Kesslers design and manufacture, our customer base is wide and varied and includes many house hold brand names.

Before adopting Celoxis we used a combination of our MRP system and manual tracking of projects using excel spreadsheets and task lists across our Design department. All live design project plans are now maintained in Celoxis and this is available to a team of over 30 design development staff 24 hrs a day.

Most used features are the project planning & tasks lists - being able to quickly create projects from templates or for bespoke projects. Plans are of course immediately available to the team without the need to constantly update, people see as live as possible information on projects.

Celoxis has improved the efficiency and accuracy of project information by allowing us to review the status of all our live projects and take action where required Product developers can see their projects and tasks and have a better understanding of priorities and what work is coming up. Celoxis helps us to manage a wider range of projects in shorter timescales, as well as this it is starting to aid us in understand what projects are using most of our designers time.
There is no burden on our internal IT Department.

Drive Service SPA - Italy, Rino Simeone, IT Manager.

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A reliable, always available, easy to manage, Project and Program Software Management solution that's also affordable to use.

Drive Service is an Italian company that is a recognized leader in the Automotive Industry for the Fleet Management and Cost Optimization of large and small fleets of vehicles. It annual turnaround is more than 50 Mln. of Euros, with 120 FTEs and 2 main locations in Italy and a subsidiary in Spain.

The company target market is made of privately owned companies, public company and a very important chunk of national Public Administration. The services provided go from fleet operative and administrative cost optimization till operative maintenance planning and execution with added services like vehicle substitution, vehicle towing and repair till car insurance advisory.

Recently Drive Service has become part of a larger Group, Cobra Automotive Technologies, whose technological capabilities span from vehicle recognition and tracking to thief alarm and driver behavioral analysis.

The IT is mainly a process lever but also an enabler and an important part the service delivery: from managing the planned maintenance processes till evaluating and managing the single ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, it usually allows the process to be carried out efficiently as well as to integrate information and tasks internally and externally as regarded to business processes; the most important challenge Drive Service is currently facing is to be capable to integrate its own processes and systems within the broader Supply Chains made of Supplier and Customers processes and ICT solutions.

DS used a single project manager approach in planning and tracking projects; moreover, it was lacking a single coherent picture of what's going on in terms of activities as well as of managing external personnel.

Another lack was the possibility to observe and allocate resources cross-project, especially true for external consultant and outsourcing developers.

Right now having a single instrument that allows data to be visible and shared across multiple projects, supplier and Prj. Leader allows a better evaluation of time and schedule as well as budget vs. actual cost allocations while giving the main stakeholders a deeper understanding of ICT activities / projects and costs.

External personnel can moreover have the possibility to commit tasks / efforts and advancements to items and projects as they are progressing toward the goals with the money / resources spent and results achieved.

The time reporting and project advancement are very powerful, as well as the status reporting and cost reporting features. Being a web application, it is always on whatever site you are and ready for internal as well as external stakeholder; it is also possible to use the same platform to share news and reports with external customers without proliferating the means of communication while centrally managing the status reports what become integral part of the project management process and not an added effort from the parties involved.

Being able to track cross-project advancements and expenses, having a coherent picture of status and projects issues, managing the whole project portfolio being able to share / move resources in a dynamic way evaluating the impact of the resource allocation and sharing it without multiple communications to be produced / managed. Moreover, the possibility to have on a single platform the internal personnel, the external resources and the Customers is a very powerful way to have a clear picture of the whole environment in a systemic way to be able to manage issue and ameliorate the performance of a given project and a deeper understanding of the causes of the mismatch between plans and effects.

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