SweetRush Inc.
SweetRush Inc.

SweetRush Inc, an award-winning Elearning company, switches from Microsoft Project to Celoxis and scores a perfect 10 with their PMO!

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SilkRoad Inc.
SilkRoad Inc.

Celoxis helps SilkRoad Inc, a revolutionary H.R. Software Company, streamline its operations, save over a million dollars & achieve 100% user adoption.

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Ground Probe

GroundProbe, a global technology leader in the mining industry brings deadlines and costs under control, and fast tracks executive decision making using Celoxis.

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Connect Assist logo
Connect Assist

Connect Assist uses Celoxis to help deliver projects faster, bring everyone on the same page and improve visibility and transparency.

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Consilium Technologies
Consilium Technologies

Consilium Technology eliminates heterogeneous systems, improves cross-project visibility and resolves resource demand management problems with Celoxis.

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NTI Solutions
NTI Solutions

NTI Solutions accelerates project management efficiency, improves planning predictability and streamlines strategic decision making with Celoxis.

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Urban Grid
Urban Grid

Urban Grid is a leading developer and financier of solar photovoltaic projects in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Urban Grid uses Celoxis to optimize project efficiency, save time and resources.

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Snow Software
Snow Software

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Europe, UK and US, Snow Software is the largest dedicated developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions.

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Live Nation Team

Live Nation

Seth Bregman, Senior Director, Business Enterprise Systems.

We 'Celoxis-cise' all our projects. Celoxis helps us stay on track and within budget in a very chaotic, fast moving environment.

We are the Digital Media group for Live Nation Merchandise. We provide engineering and marketing services for artist branded web sites. Our group totals 25 employees including merchandisers, marketing, engineers and web site producers. Everyone uses Celoxis to manage both projects, costs and to file support tickets for engineers.

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One of the biggest improvement is costs analysis. We can now accurately track costs and budget accordingly, especially with regard to engineering resources. It also helps us assign resources across projects to maximize efficiency of available resources.

Customizable work flows, project cloning features, batch time entry and conditional project access based on task assignments. Also, increased customized reporting is flexible and easy to use. Gantt chart, financial and budgeting tools are also helpful.

It has been very helpful for budgeting and having a central repository for all project related work. Having a single source of information to track projects across various groups helps us stay organized and execute projects on schedule.

Interim Health Care

Craig Heyne, Project Manager.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is the nation's oldest proprietary national organization providing health care personnel at all skill levels in all settings. There are more than 300 independently owned franchise locations nationwide. Interim's independent franchisees employ more than 75,000 health care workers and provide nurses, therapists, aides and other health care personnel to approximately 50,000 people each day.

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At our Headquarters, located in Sunrise, FL, there is a staff of approximately 50 professionals supporting this large and rapidly growing network of independently owned franchises. Supporting the company's accelerated growth can only be achieved by the successful completion of the wide array of projects that arise on a frequent basis; projects must be well organized and well communicated. Enter Celoxis.

Celoxis allows our Project Management Office to plan project execution much more effectively. Having a central repository for our projects' information, allows team members to manage project tasks from any web enabled device, share information more efficiently, monitor project progress with less effort and learn from past projects, allowing for better planning in the future.

Celoxis as a tool encourages project team members to properly prioritize their assigned tasks in their personal work schedule. Either they setup a view within Celoxis and monitor their tasks there or they have email notifications sent through Outlook and manage their task deadlines using Outlook reminders. Celoxis is a very agile solution and fits any number of personal work styles.

We are currently managing more concurrent projects, using less paper and consistently hitting our major milestones on schedule!

The Portfolio Management reports allow us to tailor dashboards for each level of management within our organization, so that people see the information that is most important to them. From a PMO perspective, it is easy to hone in on the projects that are falling behind and offer the support those PMs need to keep their projects from falling behind.

Interim HealthCare Logo
Axe Group Logo

Axe Group

Kimberley Lathe, CEO.

We have been using Celoxis for six years and have found it to be an excellent tool for time tracking. We have yet to take advantage of the ever increasing feature set, however we make full use of the reporting function and find the powerful APIs invaluable as they allow us to automate other business functions. Celoxis is now a integral part of our business and the Celoxis team have provided excellent support when we have needed it.

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Axe Group specialises in providing software solutions to the Insurance Industry through its 'Axelerator Insurance Platform', and cross-industry application services focused on the software development lifecycle.

Before implementing Celoxis, Axe captured staff time allocations through a time tracking system built in-house. We moved to Celoxis to track time by task and allow us to access information through the customisable reports.

Celoxis is primarily used for time tracking however we also make use of the financials to track how the project is progressing against the budget. The API is a powerful feature which we call from with Excel macros to automatically generate timesheets using our standard customer template.

Celoxis has become our primary tool for tracking time within the organisation and allows us to ensure that we are correctly billing for this time.

LRMG - Performance Agency

Emmanuel Sibanda, Project Manager.

LRMG is a Performance Agency based in South Africa that empowers people to 'dream it ... believe it ... do it!' through management consulting, skills development, people technology and e-learning.

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Before Celoxis, project planning happened in MS Project and resource planning and scheduling in Excel. With completing on average over 110 developed products in a year this manual process became unsustainable. The issue was compounded by projects not being integrated and the resource dashboard being a standalone component. It was therefore impossible to (1) manage projects in an integrated way and (2) get meaningful data from in order to make informed decisions. We now have an integrated system allowing us to plan projects and resourcing in a live and integrated environment. We also have access to management information that is live and updated in a live environment.

Integration of all project plans through the resource dashboard. Information that sits behind the plans, recorded in a Database.

We can now measure our financial performance as we go through our daily operations. As we plan, we can literally see whether we are profitable or not. We have visibility of our capacity and profitability at our fingertips now.

Betfred Logo

Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited

Katarzyna Wardzala, Operations Coordinator.

Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited, doing business as Betfred, owns and operates Betfred.com that provides online sports betting and eGaming services for customers in the United Kingdom and internationally. Specifically the company provides online services in the areas of sports, in play, casino, live casino, games, poker, lotto, virtual, bingo, mobile, and promotions.

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Before Celoxis all daily project requests went through a simple collaboration management tool focused on exchanging messages, without all the features that Celoxis has to offer. Now we have many more options to track the workflow, project progress, and resource capacity and management planning. Celoxis offers many more ways to co-operate within a project and allows the business to generate many reports customized to each team's needs.

Features we use are numerous, the customizable dashboards, project tracking, multi-functional reporting, capacity and resource management and timekeeping are key components/features that we use on a daily basis.

All the data is now stored in one place, in the online tool, that is easy to access and we can see how the daily process are working. It's also improved overall communication, reporting and accountability across all projects.

The Hive

Joel Peters

The Hive is a small, tight knit group that designs, develops, and sells high end bicycle components. Engineering, Sales, and Development are spread out across three locations globally including two California facilities as well as one in Taiwan.

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We've been using Celoxis for several years now. Previously, we were using Basecamp which is a great communication tool but did not allow for issue tracking or true accountability for task completion. Since using Celoxis, we've improved our ability to track internal tasks and issues as well as improving and tracking document and purchase order submissions to suppliers.

We definitely take most advantage of the customizable workflow processes. Not only has it improved our ability to track key business processes, but it forced us to better understand and enabled their improvement.

Celoxis helps keep our teams on track with project and business directives and schedules. It also helps keep issues and tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Celoxis has been an integral part of The Hive's refinement of internal communication for not only projects, but for day to day task and issues.

Joel Peters, The Hive
Kesslers Logo

Kesslers International Ltd.

Paul Copping, Technical Manager.

I am the Technical Manager at Kesslers International responsible for the technical product development of retail displays and equipment which Kesslers design and manufacture, our customer base is wide and varied and includes many house hold brand names.

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Before adopting Celoxis we used a combination of our MRP system and manual tracking of projects using excel spreadsheets and task lists across our Design department. All live design project plans are now maintained in Celoxis and this is available to a team of over 30 design development staff 24 hrs a day.

Most used features are the project planning & tasks lists - being able to quickly create projects from templates or for bespoke projects. Plans are of course immediately available to the team without the need to constantly update, people see as live as possible information on projects.

Celoxis has improved the efficiency and accuracy of project information by allowing us to review the status of all our live projects and take action where required Product developers can see their projects and tasks and have a better understanding of priorities and what work is coming up. Celoxis helps us to manage a wider range of projects in shorter timescales, as well as this it is starting to aid us in understand what projects are using most of our designers time.
There is no burden on our internal IT Department.

Drive Service SPA - Italy

Rino Simeone, IT Manager.

Drive Service is an Italian company that is a recognized leader in the Automotive Industry for the Fleet Management and Cost Optimization of large and small fleets of vehicles. It annual turnaround is more than 50 Mln. of Euros, with 120 FTEs and 2 main locations in Italy and a subsidiary in Spain.

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The company target market is made of privately owned companies, public company and a very important chunk of national Public Administration. The services provided go from fleet operative and administrative cost optimization till operative maintenance planning and execution with added services like vehicle substitution, vehicle towing and repair till car insurance advisory.

Recently Drive Service has become part of a larger Group, Cobra Automotive Technologies, whose technological capabilities span from vehicle recognition and tracking to thief alarm and driver behavioral analysis.

The IT is mainly a process lever but also an enabler and an important part the service delivery: from managing the planned maintenance processes till evaluating and managing the single ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, it usually allows the process to be carried out efficiently as well as to integrate information and tasks internally and externally as regarded to business processes; the most important challenge Drive Service is currently facing is to be capable to integrate its own processes and systems within the broader Supply Chains made of Supplier and Customers processes and ICT solutions.

DS used a single project manager approach in planning and tracking projects; moreover, it was lacking a single coherent picture of what's going on in terms of activities as well as of managing external personnel.

Another lack was the possibility to observe and allocate resources cross-project, especially true for external consultant and outsourcing developers.

Right now having a single instrument that allows data to be visible and shared across multiple projects, supplier and Prj. Leader allows a better evaluation of time and schedule as well as budget vs. actual cost allocations while giving the main stakeholders a deeper understanding of ICT activities / projects and costs.

External personnel can moreover have the possibility to commit tasks / efforts and advancements to items and projects as they are progressing toward the goals with the money / resources spent and results achieved.

The time reporting and project advancement are very powerful, as well as the status reporting and cost reporting features. Being a web application, it is always on whatever site you are and ready for internal as well as external stakeholder; it is also possible to use the same platform to share news and reports with external customers without proliferating the means of communication while centrally managing the status reports what become integral part of the project management process and not an added effort from the parties involved.

Being able to track cross-project advancements and expenses, having a coherent picture of status and projects issues, managing the whole project portfolio being able to share / move resources in a dynamic way evaluating the impact of the resource allocation and sharing it without multiple communications to be produced / managed. Moreover, the possibility to have on a single platform the internal personnel, the external resources and the Customers is a very powerful way to have a clear picture of the whole environment in a systemic way to be able to manage issue and ameliorate the performance of a given project and a deeper understanding of the causes of the mismatch between plans and effects.

Drive Service Logo
Markus Auchmann, A&R Tech

A&R Tech

Markus Auchmann

We're a SME located in Vienna, Austria with 40 employees. We're specialized in Visualization, Control and Automation in the railway and renewable energy industry. We're developing safety relevant Hard- and Software in tight coordination with the technical inspection Authority. It was hard to get an overview of our projects and their status, as we didn't have any tool to support the controlling of projects. It was very time consuming to get information about projects and to determine the hours that where spent for each project. With Celoxis everything it is very convenient and it is fast to get the information needed.

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Specifically we like the Earned Value Analyses and the very easy to use reporting tools for all projects. These tools help our project managers to make decisions more easily. Another advantage of Celoxis is the fact, that it is an online tool and we're able to access it from all over the world.

We're now more aware of the total time consumption of our projects and it is much easier for us to get a feeling of the utilization of our resources. Furthermore it is much easier for us to start new projects (through templates) and to track down the bottlenecks of each project.

Gemalto Secure Transactions

Stephane Fabre, Technical Director.

Controlling hundreds of projects may turns out to be very difficult without the appropriate tool... With Celoxis, everything is so much easier; it is the most pragmatic solution I could find. It simply does an amazing job: no more doubt when I need a project status or projected date, no more headache to prepare exhaustive monthly reports. All this I can get it in a few clicks ! My dashboard just gets me all I need !

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Working in complex organization requires a very good coordination where all key players must have same level of information. Sharing documents, storing mails, Celoxis does it all and help anticipating better and communicating more transparently to our customers.

Last but not least, by combining project with tailor made workflows, we could enhanced all our business critical processes, freezing roles and responsibilities, forcing mandatory inputs, measure lead times and SLAs.

Stephane Fabre, Gemalto

Riva Modeling

Orest Werbowy, Implementation Specialist.

Riva Modeling Systems Inc. sells, implements and supports strategic long range asset management software tools that give organizations the ability to efficiently provide a supportable and transparent capital plan.

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Riva's software provides tools that perform strategic long range asset, risk and budget management by forecasting the full lifecycle of our client's assets. These tools automatically integrate with source systems to generate inventories for assets including roads, bridges, water and waste water networks and facilities. By applying best practices, Riva generates a lifecycle cost and risk profile for each asset, determining the events that should be scheduled each period, as well as their effects on the cost, condition, risk and capacity for our clients.

In addition, Riva supports PSAB 3150 Tangible Capital Asset reporting guidelines as well as the United States equivalent GASB Statement 34.

Riva is a young and growing company. We have made big efforts of late to improve our processes and implement best practice management. There wasn't one place for coordination. Riva has implemented Celoxis to aid in managing client projects, keep time tracking relevant for billing as well as configured Celoxis to act as our Bug Tracking system for ongoing software development. Through Celoxis, we now have one place to coordinate our efforts. Riva can also now easily retrieve information on availability of staff so that planning and timelines for upcoming projects can be incorporated into daily operations, and reasonably met as current workloads across the organization are known.

The graphical user interface is very impressive. The project/task management functionality is exceptional. Time tracking has also greatly improved. The ability to customize pages, dashboards and reports is very useful to have Celoxis conform to our business practices and procedures. Importing and exporting projects is very useful, especially if the link is kept open, so tasks and projects can be updated offline, and re-synched to the online shared project. The customizable process flow also allows us to manage our processes our own way, rather than conforming to a mandatory standard.

Celoxis has allowed Riva to better coordinate development as well as project management. We currently use time tracking and bug tracking extensively. We hope to capitalize on more of Celoxis' features in the near future. We have much more transparent objectives and operations across departments, as the managing tools are not specific to only one function. We are also more timely in our deliverables as tasks can be assigned without having to call each staff member, since email notifications are sent out. We also have a record for all of our requests, and duplicate requests can be prioritized with the original request.

Celoxis has allowed the growth of Riva to be more seamless, and reduced pains or road blocks common with a rapidly growing start-up company by providing a stable software with very prompt responses to any issues discovered.

Riva Modeling Logo

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